Dr Giles Tillotson
Moderator for Kristine Michael

Giles Tillotson was educated at Trinity College Cambridge, where he read Philosophy, History of Art and Oriental Studies. After completing his PhD, he was elected a Research Fellow at Peterhouse, Cambridge (1986-90). He then taught for fourteen years at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, where he became Reader in History of Art, and Chair of Art & Archaeology. He is also a Fellow (and former Director) of the Royal Asiatic Society, London. An expert on the art history of India, he has lectured widely in both Britain and India, and is the author of numerous books on architecture, history and landscape. His areas of special expertise include the history and architecture of the Rajput courts of Rajasthan, and of the Mughal cities of Delhi and Agra; Indian architecture in the period of British rule and after Independence; and landscape painting in India.

His publications include Taj Mahal (published in 2008 by Profile UK, Penguin India and Harvard), Jaipur Nama (Penguin India, 2006), The Rajput Palaces (1987), The Tradition of Indian Architecture (1989), both published by Yale University Press and OUP Delhi; The Artificial Empire (Curzon Press, 2000). He has co-authored with Vibhuti Sachdev, Jaipur City Palace (Roli Books, 2008) and Building Jaipur (Reaktion UK and OUP Delhi 2002). He regularly contributes to several other journals, publications, academic papers and now lives in Gurgaon near Delhi. He also has experience in the management of research and publication projects and currently works in that capacity for the City Palace, Jaipur

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