Mark Richard Brand
Independent Scholar, London

Mark Brand is an independent scholar, based in London, whose research focuses on the history and meaning of the architecture of the Adil Shahi sultanate of Bijapur. His research explores the relationship between Adil Shahi royal and spiritual authority, architecture and ritual topography, through examination of the identities of buildings and their relationships in the urban landscape. He has a particular interest in the political and religious context of the culture of Nauras at Bijapur, as well as its architectural expression.

He has spoken at several conferences on Deccan arts and history, and contributed the chapter on Bijapur to Marg's publication Silent Splendour: Palaces of the Deccan, 14th-19th Centuries (ed. Helen Philon). He holds an MPhil in the History & Theory of Architecture from Cambridge University, where his PhD thesis on the Ritual Topography of Bijapur remains pending submission.

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