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"Nauras: The Many Arts of the Deccan

Honest News, Views & Editorials Blog March 20, 2015.

53 Day exhibition to show Deccan’s varied art history

The Aesthetics Project in collaboration with the National Museum of New Delhi is hosting this temporary art exhibition till the 20th of March in the National Museum, New Delhi located at Janpath. The exhibition is opened for public viewing from 10 am every day. Various items of arts from the Sultanates of the Deccan region, which represents the Indian cosmopolitanism, will be showcased in this exhibition.

The marbled Al- buraq painting from Birajpur, the 18th century Qanat from Burhanpur, the Kalamkari Coverlet also from Birajpur and the Ajaib al Makluqat’s Deccani copies will be among the 120 other spellbinding pieces displayed in this exhibition. Dr. Kavita Singh and Dr. Preeti Bahadur are the curators for this exhibition.

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