Reza Hosseini
Research Scholar, Leiden University

Said Reza Hosseini did his MPhil in Medieval History from JN U, Delhi and presently continuing his research at, University of Leiden .His Research Interests are in World History, Early Modern History of South and Central Asia, Persian history and literature, Sufism Buddhist and Islamic Art and Architecture, Perso-Islamic Travel Writing, Perso-Arabic Manuscripts He has contributed to the book Return of a King: the Battle for Afghanistan1839-42 by William Dalrymple (London, Bloomsbury, 2012) "Afghan Women Security 1993-2013", a joint research with Dr. Benjamin Walter, University of Queensland (UQ), Australia. The project has done in August 2012.

He is key member in the documentary film Search for the Lost Treasure of Afghanistan, produced by Caravan Film, Co.UK, 2006 (available on YouTube) He is key guide in the documentary film Alexander's Lost World, produced by David Adams Films for the National Geographic and Discovery Channel, 2007-2008 (available on YouTube)

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