The Project

The Project

The Aesthetics Project is a platform for academics, artisans and performers to explore a variety of topics of indian art history and aesthetic heritage that will enhance our knowledge and excite our imagination. The intention is, in parallel, to create a hub of seminal academic research exchange between scholars.

Our focus is primarily on the historical tradition of Indian aesthetics but the Project also encompasses the narratives, craft and performance traditions which still exist in modern india.

Turner Morrison Foundation

The Foundation is the sponsor and founder of The Aesthetics Project. We are a private foundation which has worked for many years in the areas of education for the underprivileged, rural development and housing for nomadic tribes people in India. The Foundation has funded a music school in rural Rajasthan to help revive and continue the folk music traditions of that region.

The Aesthetics Project is a new area for the Foundation as it is intended to create awareness and support for the upkeep of our architectural, art, craft, music, and performance traditions.

Renu Judge
Trustee and Sponsor

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